Monday, May 10, 2010

The tale of floating heads

"Can you please pass me a spider? I need one urgently."
"Sure. But before that I want you to make this lizard look good. Remove a leg or a hand if necessary."

Well, my blog is not the right kindof spot to start off a heavy discussion on animal rights. But before Tamanna attempts a suicide, let me clarify (I'm going to pull off a Vijay). This was a regular conversation which happened in one of the brightly lit rooms of the Centre For Innovation (CFI). Yes, if you haven't guessed it yet, the Shaastra 2010 Graphics Design team is working there!

If you're blank on what (or who?!) Shaastra is, well, there's always Google. For the rest, yes I'm a coordinator for Shaastra (who?what?) Graphics Design and I, with the design team, has been made to surrender our vacation for the noble cause of well, Graphics Design!

Its fun to be a Graphics Designer. Seriously. I'm just in my beginning stages but can still feel how awesome it is. First of all you get this immense pleasure out of actually creating something. There's a commonly used adjective in insti dictionary - "godly". That would be the EXACT description of how you would feel after finishing your piece of work and hit Save.

The chief motive for me getting into design would be my Design Core. His works which he constantly uploads to his blog inspired me a lot! Damnit its cool stuff!

The next chief motive ("How many chief motives you dumb ass?", a random blog reader) would be the 100s of threads in the EP department group discussing ideas for a department tee shirt but with no final conclusion. Every group member swears an oath to remain silent after that.

The next chief motive (Patience please. This is the last!) would be the commonly agreed fact that being a Designer is just plain too cool.

I still do have a long way to go. Being in the Shaastra design team has definitely been a very good chance to learn! And oh well, how can someone forget the grub coupons! Sluurp..


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  2. Nice post! Do put in your designs machan! In fact make a separate blog for it!! :)

  3. yeah exactly da, uplaod your designs... use same blog da, if you have a separate design blog, this will soon become extinct!