Monday, April 19, 2010

He Who Facebooks

He opens Google Chrome.
He goes to the Facebook login page.
He enters his username and password.
He logs in.
All that it takes for this average teenager named He to enter a world where people do things they never normally do in real life is simply to follow these 4 steps, strictly in sequence.
Mr. Who, He's concerned father,
"I hear from his friends that He spends almost 4 hours a day on Facebook. I don't know what he does so long. He is supposed to be studyi-"
thats when Who's FB chat starts blinking feverishly, like the Eject button in a crashing plane.
"-ing his ass off! Now if you don't mind, I have some urgent business to do."
he finishes, shooing me off.
"Its a world where Don Sharma goes to war with Don Mehta and loses since he doesn't have a Pair of Dillinger's Sunglasses!
Its a world where a Penguin would walk all the way from the Antarctica to your paddy farm and forces you raise it!
Its a world where you have hundreds of friends but you haven't met a good 80% of them EVER in your life!
Its awesome. Its addictive."
says Mrs Whoever, panting heavily for breath, while He gets his mom a glass of water.

Whoever He or Who is, its a fact that everyone Facebooks! (v. to Facebook)
"Yeah I do." moans Everyone.


  1. Ha ha I knew you would not have understood the Mafia Wars, Farmville gigs. No wonder its arbit to you! On a different note, I find humour in arbitness. :D

  2. whether its arbit or not,its definitely Rahul :P

  3. Now thats what is a real compliment! :)