Saturday, October 10, 2009

A kick start to insti life

Close to five months after I've promised to make my second post "shortly", I've come out on a decision. To keep my promise. (eventhough it's expired) Not because I really wanted to, but just that my blog is stinking of death, more than an average IITian's T-shirt, but much less than the root mean square of all the toilets in my hostel. Its okay Mr Warden. Chill it down. My blog cannot compete, I must agree!

Five months ago when I created my first post, it was purely made out of boredom and the fact that internet has its own boundaries to keep someone entertained when there is nothing else to do on earth (Yeah thats how screwed my life after jee was). But now, its made out of necessity. A growing necessity which kept growing all this time (redundant statement). Yeah! There's so much that has happened in my freshie life at IIT M!

The phone reminder read "August 1: First day in hostel". Now thats something I like about phone reminders. You do elaborate shopping for one whole week prior to that date, you think about that date all the time in your last week at home, you float away in your imagination about that date everytime people mention words like 'ragging' or 'mess food' or anything related to hostel life. And now, thanks to the reminder set at 9:00 August 1st, special thanks to the reminder set at 9:00 August 1st, very special thanks to the reminder set at 9:00 August 1st, I didn't miss out on checking into my hostel which, if not for the reminder, I would've totally forgotten to do!?!

The site mentioned that I was allotted a triple room, with two other guys, Gopi (Gopi from AP) and Sivakrishna, whose full names took me some time to memorise. Which means, whoever among the three of us who checks in first, gets the best spot in the room. This was my mum's logic to be there early. Me being a Tam, living 4 kms from insti will obviously be before them, living 400 kms from insti. This was my logic not to be there early. So I slept in peace.

And Mums are always right, by Murphy's law (wonder if Murphy ever had a mum !). I got the cot closest to the door, which means, I'm the priviledged one to shoo off monkeys and get bitten by all varieties of bugs in insti. The only good part is that, every morning at 7:55, my roommates wouldn't miss out noticing a guy still in bed as they go past my bed for the door. Alarms never work with me. Physical punching does.

So thats how my first insti day started. The rest of the day was spent sipping milkshakes in Guru with Chandra and Ashwin. I have more to tell you about the milkshakes in Guru. Not many had turned up right on the first day other than we loafers. A dull day I must say. All that hype gone busssss like Rajini films oflate. Just that this hype didn't involve creating new laws in Physics.

And then they came. Junta poured into campus from day 2. By afternoon, you could see families containing a 17-year-old kid each, strolling on the roads proud that they've got a family representative joining this campus, little realising that if the 'boast'er has a kid joining, the 'boast'ee also has one. Okay thats arbit. So by evening, things were settled down with parents leaving their 'wards' with goodbye messages, which eventually translate to sound something like,
"Study well, study well, and yeah almost forgot.. study well!".
They are Indian parents. Thats how they're supposed to be! And so, after long hours of chatting in the Himalaya lawns (a lawn in the Himalaya possible only in IITM :P!!) , the day ended as everyone packed off to their rooms to wake up next morning for the 'freshie orientation programs'.

Orientation programs. Waaw! I can go on about it. Like the way they went on. But I must admit, it was pure fun. We met lots of new people who later became batch-mates and bench-mates. As the speeches went on, it promoted more interaction between freshies. Now thats their logic! You collect all the people to one place. Turn on the bla-bla machine, and the only way they're gonna survive is by talking to each other. Nice to see the administration coming up with awesome ideas to promote interaction among freshies. Orientation programs!

So with every morning in the first week packed with orientation sessions or rather, 'interactive' sessions, the evening part and later is what makes insti life more exciting. Now thats where the enthu of being a freshie is derived from! More emphasis, on later posts! :)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Here I go..

First things in life are always remembered and cherished. The first drawing I made. My first experience on stage. My first visit to the principal's office. Hmm. And so here Iam. With the first post on my first blog. My piece of land I own. Okay enough crap. Though I'm starting this a bit late, I was just waiting for all the work to get over.
Man! Nothing can kill you to death like the boredom of your intermediate life, when you neither belong to a school nor a college, about which, I'll be elaborating in the following posts coming up shortly. So with that, let me start off. And please do comment. If you don't like something, I'd be very glad to know about it, since I love saying "I don't give a damn!" :)
Rahul Swamy