Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A change in layout

"Check out my blog now dude. And tell me if you have any cribs.", I pinged Sanjith.
"I read your post yesterday itself and even commented on it!", his reply.
Err.. It took him another 30 seconds to realise there's something else different here. Yes. The layout!
I'll just briefly explain the "funda" behind it here. I got used to this funda-for-everything way of life after a whole year in IIT. :) Anyway, since its a personal blog, the pics represent very random pieces of my life.
The trademark yellow autorickshaw has ever been the mascot of Chennai. I was born, fed, scratched, pinged, loved, kicked all my life in Chennai. I owe a lot to this city.
Idli, Dosa, Vada. Mmmmmm. Period.
The main gates of IIT. Everytime I used to cross by it during my school days, I used take a deep look inside, telling myself, "for one day, I'm somehow going to get in!". Now as I go past the gate, I'd be like "Why can't on earth cant the auto guy drive faster? I want to get home fast!".
Next, a cinema camera. Well I'm a great fan of great movies!
To the right side, is a diffraction pattern in our physics lab. Physics has been my fascination since early schooling. Err.. Seriously.
Below it is my shadow clicking my shadow as a general interest for photography.
The picture below the shadow guy is dedicated specially for the beauty in feminity.
F.R.I.E.N.D.S.. Ah there's not a single person on this planet without getting wooed by this altime super awesome sitcom. No other TV show has ever dared to replace it!

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