Sunday, June 13, 2010

Stop Action

Its amazing how one thing leads to another. And if there was a break in the chain, you'd be in a completely different situation altogether. Okay lets get to the point.
I recently got fascinated in Tarantino movies for obvious reasons. If its not obvious to you, well lets just say, his movies are so good you wont move a muscle for as long as the media player plays it.

So this day, I had to watch 3 of his best films back to back. Thats like 7 hours of pure Tarantino. My head spun.

Then began the mad Google searching for why exactly his films are so good. Screenplay and Camera it seems. The story is nothing.

Then one thing lead to another and Google got me exposed to a couple of awesome camera techniques.

Of them, there's something called Stop Action animation which is pretty interesting. Its a style where you take loads of sequential pictures and put together to make a video. You'd have done this before. Remember the times when we used to draw pictures on the bottom right corner of many pages of a notebook and then flip it fast so that it looks like a moving thing?
That is exactly what Stop Action is about.

All you need is a digital camera and Windows Movie Maker (penguin lovers can suckit).
So I ventured out to a terrace and took loads of pictures (300 odd) sequentially and compiled them and made this videoclip. Its pretty amateurish, I know.